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  • : Mon site officiel / My official website
  • Mon site officiel / My official website
  • : Venez parler de tout ce que vous voulez en toute liberté, exprimez-vous, je vous attends nombreuses et nombreux !!! / Come to talk with me about what you want in complete freedom, express yourself, i await you many and many !!!
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  • Bonjour, je m'appelle Valentin, j'habite au sud de Paris en France. Mes loisirs principaux sont le cinéma, musique, sport, sorties, restaurants, internet, voyages etc ...
  • Bonjour, je m'appelle Valentin, j'habite au sud de Paris en France. Mes loisirs principaux sont le cinéma, musique, sport, sorties, restaurants, internet, voyages etc ... http://www.valentin10.blogspot.com http://www.valentin10.wordpress.com

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Articles Récents


17 mai 2015 7 17 /05 /mai /2015 17:45
- IMPREINT painted 1000 balloon paintings a few years ago, and while painting them, he was already thinking about the people, because all the paintings were different, imperfect but beautiful. http://www.impreint.com

- These paintings are individually numbered and signed by him, and all of them are unique because of the technique that he uses: he paints them with the hand and he creates the color right before putting them on the paper, and after each painting he recreates a new color so there is no repetition. Also, the balloons all have different forms, not only because they are made by hand but also because they reflect the mood that he has in that particular moment: sometimes they are smaller, bigger, and they have a lot of variety in form.

- In December 2012 he made a stop-motion video in the street in London, asking the people to hold a balloon for a minute and he photographed them and created a video. (See it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOCiGMRvC3U) This video had a lot of positive feedback, so later he decided to create an other video but this time involving the people around the world. For this new video he received photos from a lot of countries and the video became very popular (see it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfjsvVggORU). This video made him realise how differently we see every scene with the balloon, because the balloon changes the prospectives and these photos become portraits. This inspired him to start the project 'Portraits' in December 2013, which he ran for one year.

- Portraits became also very popular, he received thousand of photos from around the world. You can see the evolution of the project on the facebook page that he dedicated to the project: https://www.facebook.com/IMPREINTofficial and also all the photos uploaded here: http://portraitsbyimpreint.tumblr.com/
Enjoy his work and pages.

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Published by valentin10
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17 mai 2015 7 17 /05 /mai /2015 15:22
'If you fell down yesterday, stand up today'. / "Si tu es tombé bien bas hier, relève-toi aujourd'hui".

Voilà une citation parmi tant d'autres que j'aime beaucoup, qui m'inspire et me motive.


Here is a quote among many others that i love to use, which is inspires me and motivates me.

citation, quote, inspiration, motivation, inspirate, motivate, inspirational, motivational, motivating, inspirating, love, aime, others, autres, citations, quotes

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17 mai 2015 7 17 /05 /mai /2015 13:51
Oui j'adore le Québec et si vous ne comprenez pas tout dans le langage québécois voici une aide bien précieuse. Et vice-versa bien sûr pour les Québécois qui ne comprennent pas tous les mots et expressions françaises. En fait on a quand même beaucoup de points communs ça fait vraiment plaisir, les expressions françaises sont pas mal utilisées au Québec. Moi-même parfois ça m'arrive dans la vie de tous les jours d'utiliser des mots ou expressions québécoises. Perso j'en connaissais quelques-unes des expressions mais j'ai découvert la plupart. Pour les mots j'en connaissais les 3/4 donc j'ai plutôt un bon vocabulaire québécois. Merci au blog Youmakefashion, toujours de supers articles, Vlogs et vidéos :-) ! J'aimerais faire aussi un truc comme ça plus tard. On verra. Vive la Francophonie et sa richesse !!!

Expressions Françaises VS expressions Québécoises

Mots Français VS mots Québécois

mot, mots, expressions, expression, français, françaises, québécois, québécoises, France, Québec, Canada, Belle Province, vidéos, vidéo, videos, video, youtube, Youtube, youmakefashion, you make fashion

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11 mai 2015 1 11 /05 /mai /2015 11:29

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Published by Criss - dans McDo Actu
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15 mars 2015 7 15 /03 /mars /2015 23:32

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15 mars 2015 7 15 /03 /mars /2015 23:32

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Published by Quinquine1159 - dans Région
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15 mars 2015 7 15 /03 /mars /2015 23:31

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Published by JOKER - dans OYEZ OYEZ
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15 mars 2015 7 15 /03 /mars /2015 23:31

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Published by Société Archéologique de Touquin - dans Documentations
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9 mars 2015 1 09 /03 /mars /2015 09:39

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Published by François 09/03/2015 9H25 - dans I télé - LCI - BFM - France 24 09-03
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8 mars 2015 7 08 /03 /mars /2015 21:47

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Published by Jeannot Ramambazafy
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